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History & Mission:

For 57 years and counting, Irene Wortham Center has helped children and adults with developmental and/or socioeconomic challenges lead healthier, happier, fuller and more independent lives. We believe in the value and promise of every person and strive to empower individuals to reach their full potential from birth to end of life.

Irene Wortham Center provides exceptional care to ourclients and we also give family members the invaluable peace of mind knowing their loved ones are part of the Irene Wortham family.

Named after visionary Irene McLeod Wortham, the first special education teacher in Western North Carolina, Irene Wortham Center continues to champion her belief in the value and promise of every person. By partnering with the Western North Carolina community, Irene Wortham Center continues to be a leading voice for those with developmental and/or socioeconomic challenges.

We are blessed to have some incredibly loyal and dedicated employees!  Fredericka works in the Adult Day Activity Center and is pictured here with one of our amazing clients, Smiley.  Fredericka has been at the Irene Wortham Center for a year and a half and, since starting here, she has learned how much passion she has for the work she does!  She says that "Having a bad day is almost impossible at this job; the moment you walk in the door you're greeted with so many beautiful smiles that you have no other choice but to smile as well."  What she likes most about working here is getting to learn new things about the clients every day.  Though she says each day is memorable, one moment that stands out to her is when a client sung "12 Days of Christmas" with her and knew every single word!  We are so grateful for our amazing staff who treat our clients like family!



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Roost Home Watch has chosen us as its 2020 community and philanthropy partner!  Roost Home Watch is locally owned and operated, serving local and absentee property owners in Buncombe and surrounding counties.  Offering a dynamic service line, the company creates more than an experience; it creates a lifestyle for its members.  The home watch and commercial property services leverage a combination of personal attention as well as technology, providing members 24/7 monitoring.

A mission driven company, Roost Home Watch is committed not only to the needs of its members, but also to the needs of the community.  Each year, the company chooses a nonprofit to sponsor through volunteerism, fundraising, and promotional efforts.  Roost Home Watch is genuinely committed to making Western North Carolina a better place to live, work and enjoy.  To learn more about services offered at Roost Home Watch, click here.