Residential Homes

“Irene Wortham Center provides a happy, healthy and safe home for loved ones.”
Steven Hageman, Parent of a Rose St. Home Resident

Irene Wortham Center has three homes that are licensed as Intermediate Care Facilities for persons with intellectual and co-existing developmental disorders. Our 24 residents — ages early adolescence to senior — receive comprehensive, around-the-clock individualized care from expertly trained staff who encourage and empower them to live wonderful lives every day.

All IWC Consumers in Residential Services Receive:

  • Specialized Therapies. All therapy is designed to increase a consumer’s independence and choices in life.
  • Excellent Staff/Resident Ratio. Staff encourages each person to participate in as many typical daily activities as possible, such as planning their daily schedule, daily hygiene routines, helping with meal preparation, and laundry.
  • Medical Care
  • Recreational and Leisure Activities
  • Community Inclusion

Irene Wortham Center Accredited Intermediate Care Homes include:

  • Rose St. Home: Ranging in age from childhood to mid-thirties, these residents are the most medically fragile and receive a level of care that reflects this.
  • Dogwood Home: Ranging in age from early twenties to older adults, these residents have moderate to profound developmental challenges.
  • Azalea Home: Ranging in age from mid-twenties to mid-fourties, these residents have moderate to profound developmental challenges.

At Irene Wortham Center, we believe in the power of family and its positive effects on helping individuals achieve their full potential. That’s why family members, friends and guardians are encouraged and welcomed to visit their loved ones any time.

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