Adult Day Activities

Established in 1989, The Irene Wortham Center Adult Day Activities Program provides individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities a familiar and flexible environment that encourages personal achievement and growth through productivity, academic coursework, exercising independence in daily living skills, socialization and community integration.

"Independence is happiness."

- Susan B. Anthony

Each participant follows an individualized service plan with specific goals to meet his or her needs and to guide participants through purposeful communication, relaxation and expression.  Goals include a wide array of programming, including gross and fine motor skills building, object recognition, daily living, health, cause and effect, sensory stimulation and socialization.

In 2011, IWC opened a new 7,000 sq. ft. state-of-the-art facility specifically designed to meet the needs of our adult clients. Our open-concept space provides integration and inclusion to all participants. All areas of the facility are adapted for greater environmental control. Features include automated doors, accessible counters, height-adjusting tables, motion sensor lighting, hands-free plumbing, and mechanical lifts throughout.

Specialized equipment includes pressure-relief recliners, mat tables, sand bags, wedges and bolsters. Medication, treatments and exercise are provided by skilled staff to participants as prescribed. Specialized dietary needs are met through equipment, utensils, food or liquid consistency, assistance and monitoring. Touch screen monitor and switch-activated computers provide opportunities for improving hand-eye coordination, computer literacy, academic work and leisure interests.

The kitchen and laundry room provide opportunities for participants to gain real-life experience with daily living skills. Participants also enjoy breakfast at our facility.

Our ADA outdoor space includes accessible picnic tables, patio with rocking chairs, and a nice lawn. Participants enjoy outdoor activities and annual family barbeques here. Opportunities for community inclusion include shopping, banking, recycling, volunteering and recreational activities. Participants enjoy bowling, baseball games, movies and seasonal outdoor events. They also participate in volunteer activities such as making decorative collars for pets at a local shelter.

Highly-skilled, professional, direct-care staff maintain certification in medication administration, first-aid, CPR, NCI and behavior management. All levels of incontinence care needs are attended to by direct-care staff.

For more information about the Adult Day Activity Program contact Joanna McDaniel, ADA Coordinator, at 828-768-2607 or

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The Irene Wortham Center employees are amazing people. They're incredibly caring, patient, and genuine and the friendships that are fostered with the clients are cherished. Shantaneka, pictured here making cupcakes with Shams, a resident of IWC's Rose Street Home, is one of those patient and caring employees. Shantaneka has been with  IWC for six years and is a habilitation technician at Rose St. Home. When we asked what she likes most about  working at IWC, she said, "I love everything about my job - the clients, the management, basically everything about it. I think my favorite part is  watching the clients grow up and   being part of their growth."  We're very proud of our staff at IWC and are grateful for their commitment to all  those we serve.