Leadership Team

If you have additional questions about the Irene Wortham Center, please feel free to contact one of our staff members. If you would like to know more about the information on this website, please contact Sandi Garcia Boyer.

Irene Wortham Center Staff

Interim Executive Director
(828) 274-7518, ext 150
Program Director
(828) 274-7518, ext. 157
QA/QI Psychologist
(828) 277-1907
Matthew Lands
Human Resources Director
(828) 274-6067
Development and Marketing Director
(828) 274-6053
Finance Coordinator
(828) 277-3405

Adult Day Activity

Adult Day Program Coordinator
(828) 274-7518, ext. 133

Jane Alexander

Early Learning Center Coordinator
(828) 274-6066
Stephanie Shelton
Early Learning Center –West Coordinator
(828) 255-5480

Supported Employment

Interim Community Services Coordinator
(828) 350-9810


Associate QMRP
(828) 210-2241

Irene Wortham Center Board of Directors

–Barbara McLean – Chairperson                             –Maggie Melton
Community Volunteer                                               Wells Fargo Bank
–Wendy Hines – Vice Chairperson                          –Candace Folks
Haywood Community College                                  HR Director/ Highlands Brewing
–Colleen Dieterly – Secretary                                  –Hayley Wells
Fairway Outdoor Advertising                                   Attorney
–Mickey Dale – Treasurer
CPA – Johnson, Price and Sprinkle, P.A.
–Brandon Wallace
Wells Fargo
–Bill Satterfield
Retired Dentist
–Dick Seidenspinner
GM – Skyland Automotive
–Jacqueline King
Community Activist
–Jeremy Goldstein
G/M Property Group
–Nathan Ramsey
–Jennifer Moore
–Anna Smathers
First Citizens Bank
 –Anne Morgan